What's Cooler Than Being Cool?

Since I go to art school (eat sleep art repeat x) I have discussed art sometimes either to myself or with a few people I socialise with. Recently there have been several convos about 'cool art'- something that seems to be everywhere at the moment with the 'youths' of today.

For example, I went to a photography exhibition which to be fair I felt quite 'cool' in. I had a 'cool' drink (vodka n cranberry), because it's red and that's like the colour of passion or whatever #Rothko. I was pottering around gazing into the art, hoping someone would scout me to model with my freshly bleached brows (sadly they didn't but u cant have it all ;). Any way, these photographs that were all over the wall were supposed to be an 'intimate' account of this chick's day 2 day routine, filled with her friends captured 'candidly'. Unless I'm COMPLETELY socially unaware, people's day to day routines don't consist of their m8s lying topless on a basketball court, sitting in an American Apparel lace bra or smoking in a bath tub. Was the grainy effect of the camera supposed to make it more relatable, or perhaps haze the idea of real life and fantasy?

Paint on Keys 2015 

To my mind, an accurate visual representation of my day would be a picture of me taking a shit, a cute shot of my Netflix account, laughing at people and talking on the phone.

  The thing is, it's everywhere now. Look at I-D, POP, all these magazines, just full of naked girls eating pizza or maybe getting off with each other. They all happen to have six packs and thigh gaps and probably gapped teeth too #larastone. I don't really get the message here; are we doing something wrong? Are our lives missing 'edge'?

I Smoke In Noir ±

Art is expression and I think that you should be able to express whatever the fuck you want, but it should be genuine. If you make art because it's cool; you're clientele is going to be a bunch of lost fucks who nod their heads ferociously at your work because it has been deemed as cool. I mean is 'cool' even 'cool'? 

Most of this art is stemming from the internet (mostly tumblr) therefore is much more accessible to the masses. Then the whole '1 UP' dilemma arises of name dropping obscure artists you've found on someone called 'MinimalLife' on Instagram who posts black and white pictures everywhere with really effective captions such as "_________". Fuck. So emotive babe!!

I got inspired from this craze and decided to make a piece of 'cool art' on a topic I'm exploring at the moment. I thought pretending to have sex with someone would be really avant-garde and shocking!!! Also sex sells so Fuk it!! Enjoy xxxxxxxx


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