2014 : Da Summary. PT 1


In 2014 I wanted to feel like Samantha from Sex and The City. The slight irony with this dream was that for most of the year I was a virgin and searching 'how to attract men' on youtube.

my 1 true love x being a girl sucks lol x

One * crossed night I decide to have my first one night stand or whatever people call it nowadays. It was pre meditated and a classic 'bootycall' scenario with me sending wink emojis at 1am after a drug fuelled night of one gin and tonic. I rocked up after my gut instinct was not to go but then I started listening to ABBA on my iPod and felt obligated to 'be a teenager' or as the youth would say 'yolo'. Dancing queen or what??!! Lol. From an outsiders perspective I thought this seemed kind of endearing but mostly pathetic. When I got there he took me out of the cold (lol jk it was summer) and into his mansion, down to his basement 'chill' area. I started chain smoking and making awkward conversation about skateboarding.

 He seemed pretty disengaged from the get-go, rolling his eyes and stating he was 'tired'. Romance seemed unavoidable when I was then offered a glass of Copella apple juice and then taken upstairs, to a  floor all to himself. Thoughts raced through my head as he sat on his bed and started going on Facebook, leaving me to comment on his Pulp Fiction posters, 'have I found my Romeo?' I was offered pyjamas but was already wearing mine because I thought that would be my signature look for 2k14. We were re then lying in bed where cute and intimate, completely non elitist questions were asked such as 'What do your parents do?' are thrown at me as all I want to do is have good sex or go home. There was a silence and then we 'got off''!! lol total result!! I really didn't feel anything for him so found the whole thing completely unenjoyable and then it hit me that I could never do one night stands. However I felt I couldn't leave so during an awkward twenty minutes of some sort of sick 'dry hump' motion I ask to get straight down to it and he then said 'I think you should leave'. Weird how people say chivalry is dead aint it ? hehe. As I'm awkwardly dressing he pops it to me that he has a girlfriend and then books me an Ad Lee back into the rough streets of West London.

original beauty queen x


When I found out Alexa Chung was on the alumni for Chelsea College of Art I knew that that was my destiny. Maybe then I could live out my life goal to become a Dj/Model and m8 of Cara D!

My clique at skl> studio times x
Surprisingly people at the school don't seem pretentious, minus a few who talk too much about acid and probably can hear me snigger into my Photo Booth. I felt a bit like a young Van Gogh to be honest, going in 5 days a week and producing a good amount of work. However  when you're a celebrity you obviously are gonna have h8rz, somebody took my 7 paintings two days before my exhibition! Instead of giving up and eating my body weight in Ben and Jerrys I played some Kanye West and made three new paintings the night before which weren't great but when life gives u lemons u make lemonade innit!! The teachers were inactive resulting in an extremely hasty email and call from my Mum lol! Even my gran wanted to get involved but I took her to stay out of it !!

look here now b4 this is at the Tate x

At lunch theres a nice spot to get sandwiches which normally make me feel sick after but they taste good in the moment and that's what counts!! It's rewarding to make friends and then have that conquering feeling of being able to give a smug wave to them in the hallway and they wave back (so cute). Some people don't wave back at me but I'm sure they don't see me :)))
getting my coke fix in after lunch xxx

The night of my exhibition I had a bottle of wine and knocked over a few peoples work (banter) and then proceeded to graffiti on my work with Chris Brown lyrics. I shot my tutor evils which I was proud of and I think it was pretty effective despite the fact he hates me know #fukit. 


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