Guide to a gap year : PART 1

1.) Clothes

u can taste the ethnicity xxx

It is absolutely essential to wear these cool trousers called ‘harims’. I think Ghandi or someone used to own a pair so they’ll have you on the road to self discovery in no time!! Bucket hats are the ultimate par to sun stroke and help you ‘stay trill’ as if  you’re back skanking at Fabric. 

Vneck vests are really sexy. Imagine a mix of Geordie Shore and The Sopranos. Yeah. Pull these vests down as far as your can to expose ur pecks (the ladies love it) and make sure there is some kind of print saying ‘Miami Nights’ with printed palm trees on it. 

Pre or post finding yourself you’ll probably buy a spiritual piece of jewellery that defines your existence. They may be hard to find as they are pretty rare; a bracelet made of red rope, a bracelet made of black rope or maybe even an anklet with a golden elephant on it. 

2.) Pictures

dis little love looks subtle and gorge 4 a big one in TLand xxx

Why bother going on a G year if you’re not gonna prove  it happened??

When you go out to hang with the locals (the population of Leeds/Newcastle) in Thailand get the disposable out m8!! I’m talking pix of you  with dem  tops with those handprints over the boobs (lol flanter) on when you’re out on the town. Fish bowls are really cute n sophisticated so make sure you and the gals take some pics with them cos why da fuk not!!?? Lol. The bar man will be mega hot so make sure to jump behind that bar and get a little shot with him. He’ll say his name is ‘Mongkut’ but that you can call him Tony. ;) personal or what??

During the day, go and visit the ‘off the beaten track’ spots: temples, beaches and the back n front of your hostel. Pay some ‘super safe breh’ to let you borrow his money for a quick picture which you’ll obviously change as your profile picture #like4alike. It is essential you get your knitted braid in the picture at all times, otherwise what is the point? 

If you have banter n dat take one for the team and pretend to fuck one of the temples from behind!! It isn’t disrespectful or anything, the locals absolutely love to see such yung things having a giggle xxx


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