I Like You But...

Many a night Ophelia and I have poured both our hearts and a bottle of wine out to unravel the mystery of men. Most of these nights concluded in nothing being unraveled apart from maybe a snickers and then going to bed defeated.

However, last night, we solved a dilemma. Both of us discussed the frustration of courtship and the etiquette of dating. Who texts first? When is it appropriate to flirt? Being as upfront as we are, there's a constant battle with being too candid. I mean, who wants to get a text saying 'date me?'. Nevertheless beating around the bush always results in the 'friend zone'; ultimately the same rejection as being a brash a$$hole. 

Often we romanticise different guys; focusing on one at a time and the minute details of the encounter we'd have with them in our minds. Waking up in bed with them is a personal favourite; imagining them making breakfast us in bed (philly and eggs) and borrowing one of their tshirts to wear as a trophy. Unfortunately the reality is a cold walk home at 7am, a size 4 t-shirt being offered up as a sick joke and a slap on the ass to be on our merry way. ;)

The illusion of a guy being smart, interesting, talented and passionate is always on the cards. Mesmerised by their good looks and hoop earring you sit there chain smoking listening intently to the bullshit spewing out of their mouths. In reality you're really hoping for a pull and a warm bed. You're also 'desperate' to become more informed about how they acquired Glen Campbell's guitar or whether Nicholas Refn is actually coming out with the sequel to Drive. Both of these things you don't actually give a shit about, but under the circumstances feel obligated. 

Take these guys and then take sex out of the equation. Entirely. They become nothing more than know it alls within their field that frankly; bore you stiff (lol). Any hope of getting action after putting yourself through hours of tedious meet ups is diminished. So why bother?

We found it shocking how masked our fundamental desires were. How could longing for 'love' actually just be longing for intimacy? Not to say it'd be a hit n run, but why else do people do it really? Once you strip away sex, the person seems more real and attraction ceases. 

Unless we're all enlightened, the next twenty years will be as mundane as the last two; longing for something that doesn't exist without a little bump n grind (TEEHEE). Let's establish what we all want and express it without fear of getting parred. 


O AND A. Love x peace x 


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