Ahed of U

I've decided 2 take you all on a trip down memory lane. Probs dating back to two years ago. Kind of in forces how my m8s and I were ahead of our time. We made looking cool seem easy. Dem days R gone.. x

On a shoot for rip curl.. #bondibeach

Started a collab range for Huf but they didn't like it 

first time at SOUTHBANK!!!! SK8RS R HOT LOL X

odd FUCKIN FUTURE!!!!! Fuk school!!!

first sculpture i eva did!! tracey copied me !!

who needs baby born when u have this little star :")

everyone we luv turns into an alien !

first experience w culture... art <3 nbsp="" td="">

like 5 or 6th Vice parT. Whatevr man it's calm x

project x!!!! lol

bUCKet HaTz.. sad boy :(

first time I took a selfie.. had loads ov boy fiends !

my guy friends looked like Will.I.Am!! 

when I was part of the SN1 crew hold tyt x

but wiley h8ed my guts :(

friends were hospitalised 

had my first long term relationship :)

bumped into some road men n got merked! free my boy Jflex x

bumped into sum old friends xxx

met Gatsby in real lyf!!! lol thort he was fictional?!

m8s were buskin #hustle


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