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Who's That Laydee? Antonia Marsh

photo credz : Emily Scarlett Romain

I started following Antonia Marsh a couple months ago after seeing a picture of a tshirt with
 'Girls Only' on it on Instagram. Whilst trying to find  out where to buy this T from I discovered 
what it  actually was about; a residency program supporting gurl artists. Girls Only had an 
exhibition in Old Street recently which  which kicked ass, featuring a collective of female artists
 whose work complimented each other perfectly. Any way, I caught up with tha boss 
Antonia; looking like a pink haired version of Particia Arquette in  'True Romance'. #inspo

Hey Antonia, how ya doing?

Great thank you! Well I have a little bit of a cold after coming back from Paris.. so I'm happy to 
be back home.

What's an average day like for you in New York?

I get up, get my iced coffee (I'm addicted), walk up 5th Avenue to the L train to get to Brooklyn where the 
Girls Only studio is, answer emails and listen to music. By lunchtime all the girls doing residencies at
that point will have arrived so we all catch up over some food. In the afternoon we usually get our heads
down to work- I'll be writing and they'll be working on art projects. Come 7ish I'll head home and then
meet friends in one of our favourite bars in the East Village. Blk Mrkt is our usual spot and they have 
the best burgers in the city too.

As all of us know Emma Watson recently made a speech about gender equality (go gurl). What are 
your views on that?

I LOVED her speech and think it's great that this issue is being talked about more at the moment, because
it definitely remains a global issue and is important that we address it, or at the very least people are made
aware of the facts. It's especially important that men learn they can/ should be feminists. That word 
shouldn't be so dirtied. 

Do you feel that there is pressure for feminist artists to be hyper revealing and often offensive with 
their work? 

Not especially. Perhaps people just tend to notice this more because it's shocking, and shock tactics often
garner attention easily.

After Uni how did you get into curating?  Right now to me as an art student it feels near impossible
to get a job within the arts.

I did an internship at a gallery in London called 20 Hoxton Square Projects, and the internship
turned into a full-time job. I stuck it out for a year and then went to California to do a masters in
curating, which really helped me get more internships in museums/galleries. Once I graduated
I started working on my own projects. 

What current exhibitions would you suggest to us?

In London my dear friend Ed Fornieles currently has an exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery and in NYC 

the Dinner Party installation by Judy Chicago at the Brooklyn Museum is life-changing !

In an artwork what are three things that are essential?

Honesty, dedication and thought.

If Girls Only had a motto what would it be?

Life's too short to talk shit, stop the J word jealously from killing love.


INSTA: @antoniamarsh



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