Gurl, you'll be a woman soon

Most days I spend smoking listening to music, looking at myself in the mirror. Self indulgent, of course but I can't help that I think I'm a movie star. Sometimes I go for a walk to Costa, where I order tap water because I can't afford a Latte.

Maybe I'll get invited out in the night time. This includes spending an hour getting ready, near tears because I look like the dog's ass crack. Usually I resolve the issue with putting on shades and scrubbing my makeup off to support the 'heroin chic' movement.

When out I usually am shouting 'yat' at most of the girls at the place, downing white wine and then if I'm drunk enough text a boy I like, like 'hey ;)'. Usually there are no replies but I guess they find me too good looking and cool. Lolz. I'll request someone to take a picture of me where I try my best to look cool and effected because after all I am at art school. Essential poses: holding a cigarette at all times, rolling eyes back and maybe a middle finger !!! 

I'll get home, jerk off to Alex Turner, or ugly fat men (allow me but whatever) wish I have a boyfriend, then listen to Aretha Franklin and realize I don't 'need one'. Then I wake up from a nightmare, listen to my Tracey Beaker audio book and snooze.

The next day I probably will cut my hair and inch shorter and pretend I'm Edie Sedgwick. I do some art work that is usually based around dudes I hate and/or deserts and power stations because I find them really pleasing !

Not a girl, but not yet a woman- oh N0



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