Sup ppl,

I'm in Paris at the moment with a sore throat. My Mum has moved here so I'm one step closer to being an it girl, like Alexa Chung or something!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a little summary of the past couple of dayzzz!

1.) Feeding cats

So these lil angels are Peaches and Patches. I'm like their dinner lady. They're scared of me, but I kinda like the thrill of being a burglar or summin!!!! With each creak of da floor boards I feel like I mite as well be in Prison!!!

2.) Getting F((*&^^ wavey

So Oli was here for a couple days keeping me company/being my carer. We went out for a nit3 on da toon. First off I smugly brag about how I can speak a 'little' French, or as da locals like to say 'com sea com sah' hehehe. So we get to this bar and I'm trying to order wine. He says 'Rouge' and I get sweaty and a bit shaken, as we wanted white. I stammered 'Veeno Blank' and I think that was a sign the night would be lol. Any way, we head off to a more lively bar next door and automatically we find some friends. They were pro fighters, going at it on the street. I felt like I was watching Fight Club or somethin!!! They couldn't buy us a drink but who kares ;)

3.) Rock En Seine

This was a gr8 festival!!!! We rok up planning on getting crunk n drunk n groovy with two bottles of wine in water bottles but it didn't really happen for us. 2 GASsed off having no parents around!!! Who's wiv me???!!! PGL on a field !!

Any way, we started off seeing Crystal Fighters who are let's face it, a little bit happy clappy but they were good. Thank God the alcohol had kind of kicked in here. They came on with fucking American Indian feathered hats or whatever on, and the guitarist who was clearly on grams of coke kept saying shit like 'We are da crystals, reality doesn't exist'. At which point I think we were screaming 'Get on wiv it'. We were practically the only non  French people there, so when they performed 'I love London' we went 2 hard. I think we started putting on a cockney accent just to reinstate we were from LDN. hehe.

Then we saw Mac Demarco who is the love of my life. He comes on and I genuinely would like to see a bitch try- we push our way 2 the front. His guitar guy was really fit!! lol. Anyway, for all those fans, he exceeds expectations. I feel bad though because playing back my videos of his performance, you can hear me screaming 'KIKI!!!!!!!!!' 'VICEROY'!!!, 'UR WELL FIT!!!!'. So yeah.
They all had the coolest stage present. I knew I was destined to be m8s with them. Naturally we then decided to sneak into the press area. That failed, so we had no other choice but to walk away in the rain and top ourselves. #letitpour. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mac, standing talking to some fans from behind the barrier of the stage.  Oli and I push these fucks out of the way.
My first chat up line was 'You know why I'm wearing my sunglasses at nite?' and he said 'why?'

'Because I want to feel high'. Lol.

It just felt...ryt at the time. He then kind of laughed and looked slightly perturbed. I think he thought it was quirky lol. I then knew I had to get some likes on FB and asked him for a picture. He then replied 'Yeah, if you give me a kiss. And make it sincere.' At this point I'm about 2 shit myself. We kiss. It was special. Oli thank God papped it up. Now its up as my DP!! LOL Like for a like!!! ;)
So any way, inbox me if u wanna hear more gossip on Mac. !!! XOXO


mac and I :")))))


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