Lyf of a Rok Star

1.) I'm edgy as fuk

If you haven't stalked me up already I have pink hair. It's pretty wild because I think I'm the first one who's ever done it . Ppl look at me on road with gaping mouths and furrowed brows like 'ur pink '. It's nice not to blend in when u were born to stand out. Sometimes I draw parallels with my hair and Lady Gaga weAring meat. 

2.) I'm smooth as silK

At the moment I might as well star in 50 Shades of Grey , or 50 shades of cRAY!! Lol Cus I'm crazy. There was a cool time recently where to enhance the mood I said to a guy ' I bought some lube' and then reached into my bag to pick out some offensive cherry flavoured lube. I think this got the crowd going. It reminded me of Katy Perry's recent hit ' I kissed a girl'. Sometimes it is hard being so sought after but you gotta keep it chilled man !!!!😎

3.) Feminism who?

It's really getting on my last nerve that bullshits such as Lana del Rey are coming out with statements such as ' I think feminism is stupid'. Not gonna go into detail but if you're a woman and essentially feel you have rights, you are a feminist. It's not about not shaving yer vagina or hating men or whatever. Sure there are 'extremists' but that's the same with most things. Men should be feminists too! People need to get out of the past and get wid it. Buy a book or something about it because it pisses me off so much. 👍

4.) I think I'm Tracey Emin.

Since hAving a Bladder infection (yum) in Finland I think I'm a tortured artiste / soul . I got it randomly for the first time ( I'm Gucci now btw) and tried to sleep in the bath tub, drink myself 2 deth in cranberry juice and resulted to sketching my 'troubles away'. Even now I repeat the saying 'that does not kill u mKes u stronger ' as my good m8 Kanye once rapped. Whatever ppl- I wear my heart on my sleeve.

5.) I'm an A lister

I've been up in the seaside for a while and after making a blog post about annoying rich kids I feel like a paradox. I've been roaming around Suffolk on a tractor wearing a fucking tie dye flatcap, that I may or may not have dyed myself. I've been going into an indoor pool w my mateZ listening to Mac demarco on the surround sound and saying shit like 'do u Eva think that we are so small in this planet called earth '. I seriously to step down frm my throne and smell da freshly cut grass!

Any way , that is all. Hope you've been updated nicely ppl. Xxxxx. 


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