Summatime Sadness

A lot of friends and I have met up for coffee or wine or maybe when I’ve felt groovy a gin and tonic. During these squat raves I have found the same emotions have been brought up.

shoutout to the authority and all da ppl holding me bak. X
There’s this feeling of aimlessness; an inability to see into the future and flat out depression. To mask these feelings you’ll probably drink or accept every and any offer to get out the house. If you’re feeling adventurous you could also go for brunch. You may even put on some Snoop Dogg or if you’re me Will I AM and keep telling yourself ‘It’s SUMMERRRRR M8!!!!!! Parents- get l0st!!!!!’. Lol.

However, for a lot of people, when this fades out into a pool ov blackness you’re left feeling pretty sad. If you’re a girl, you’ve watched too many rom coms on Netflix therefore pretend you’re ‘spooning’ with a guy every night just so you can tell ur m8s you’re having a summer fling just like Rachel Mc Adams in the Notebook. 

aT A gIg !!! lol x

If you’re a dude you’ve probably typed in ‘best bucket hats 4 Brixton Jamm’ into google just to feel accepted and loved by the youth of the ‘trendy’ South London. You may have also caught several STIS in the hope of being a 19 year old Pitbull / Enrique Iglesius. (Strong look). You’ll probably watch Sun Sex and Suspicious Parents to make yourself feel better about your sticky situation (heheheeh).

I’m not a cynicist but let’s face it, Summer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Shit that felt like the ending line to a bestselling book.

Anyway ttyl xxxxxxx


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