Hi everyone hope ur hating the sun as much as I am !!

Realised since being in Russia I realised I'm a little bitch so whatever just gonna keep on doing me ;)

When I've been scrolling through Facebook in my hotel room, trying so hard to feel like Rihanna on tour ( I have my own room) I just keep on getting FukEd!! People"s holiday photos are getting me so badly here.

Gonna try and explain myself !

Right, I've been to India as a minor where I rocked around wearing tshirts saying shit like 'what? I wasn't listening' exposing my doughnut filled pot belly. So I've done that whole 'find urself' bullshit.

Now, I'm seeing fux trying to act like they are really zen and essentially 'being one with the locals'. You scroll through their photos and  you see some desolate area. You're thinking 'fuck, these yung explorers may be gettin it'. Then you get stabbed in the hart.

A quilted bucket hat is exposed in the picture and it all goes down from there. 5 pictures later the quite badass looking land turns to a mansion, whereby all these yats are chiling. One or two will maybe have a dreadlock or a crazI piercing like on your nipple!!! Maybe dey got it in Camden Lok!!! So punk rok!

Dont try and go to India or wherever and pretend you're finding yourself or doing it properly because unless you're actually seeing some fucking sights, eating where the 'locals' eat, staying in an adequate hotel, witnessing poverty and even petting a fucking monkey- you haven't seen shit. That's really skimming over but you get my point.

It's laughable because people like this probably make fun of Made In Chelsea but they are the same if not worse. Just because you have taken cocaine more than twice, have  a poster of a Buddha in ur room and probably have a best fwend called Aquamarine doesn't mean you're interesting. U AiNt so DuK OuT.

The joke is I'm saying all this whilst I've just ordered room service wivout my Dad knowing because he fucked me off!! Feel like Lindsay Lohan circa 2005

Love u all really X X X Anna X x


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