Or Na

I try to update this crucial list to get you thru life often. Here it is.
And here's the song I was listening to whilst writing this dog shit - 

Over it list:

1.) Uni Pictures

Ok, obviously when you're at Uni you're gonna have loadsa pictures at clubs n shit. I get it.
However, it's getting really old. Seeing my newsfeed clogged my pictures of jOE dOGs tagged in a picture at some club where here's looking angry and some joker comments 'Joe!!! Angry! lol'. Please.
I hate more than anything the yats who throw their hands in the air like 'fukkkk I'm in heaven' when in reality they want to GTFO.

BULmErz pear cider 4 da win!!!!! ;)

2.) E cigarettes

fukkkkk, is that James Dean!???!

Sitting on the bus. Plugged in 2 ma music and I'm feeling moody, staring out of tha window. All of a sudden, a cloud of smoke appears, like a mist in the rainforest. Is sum1 smokin a d00bie in the bus??!!! 

Then I see the blue fucking lazer lite and my hart sinks. It was an E cigarette. Like, please just get a nicorette or even suck on a pen if ur feeling crazy, because it's so lame seeing these fux who think they're illegal 'smoking' in public. 

3.) Statuses telling us ur feelings n dat

'Hi peeps :D Just went for a scrummy lunch w mum (AND DAD))!! LOL and we had a roast. Feeling sad cuz now my tummy hurts from being full!!'

This is why I hate Facebook atm. Please just tweet what you've eaten or how you're feeling or maybe talk to a therapist. Nobody gives a shit! X

4.) Smiling with ur tongue in your teeth

seriously tho?

People can bak me on this one. (u know who u are, hold tite). You know those people who smile with their tongue out and then like bite on it? I just don't get it. Maybe they are trying to look really happy and/or cute? Keeping mumzy sweet n dat.. in reality you just look special. 

Keep doing u if that's your thing but if their was a dislike button to hit, I'd hit it bby!!


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