Friday nite fever

I went to a gig the other night.. This guy invited me and then pussied out at the last minute. Despite it being his friends gig, I'm a risk taker so I went. (Fuukkkkk).

As usual I was looking sultry/ overly suggestive wearing boyfriend jeans and an alien tshirt. If this wasn't wild enough I wanted to stop feeling like a plastic bag, so I bought Katy Perry's false eyelashes! Total firework lol

We crop up at  the place that clearly knew I was arriving cuz it was poppin. I automatically saw all my m8s, aka people I've stalked on fb. #welcometothefuture. It was bless cus I told the paparazzi not to show up.  I tried to expand my elite social crew by making frends. I told a guy he 'could've played the role of peter in peter pan', I grinder on some random sleaze who looked like an extra in a Ricky Martin music video and I pretended to look high. This usually gets me in w the 'alt' crowd. Just snort a little bit when you're coming out the loos. Ur saying with your eyes 'this ain't hayfever ;) ;) #cocaine.

After I got called a groupie from the bouncer (I prefer the term roadie) it was time 2 cut.

I started feeling like Courtney love or some shit cuz we got invited to an afta parti!! Aka some dudes yard. We get there and I'm chain smokin trying to give off the impression of
'Liv fast dye yung' and 'my lungs r black like my soul '. This could've been somewhat executed, if u minus my personality and the fact that I knocked two beers and a side table over.

People started chattin about music n dat, saying 'the 60s was the best in terms of music'. Just to stand out and make a name for myself I was like 'naaaa the 80s was by far the best.' At that point I felt liberated, like I had.... Been apart of summink!!!

Then it went downhill. :( I got asked who my favourite musicians of that time were.
Instead of saying any of them, or saying a vague 'funk', I sat there, speechless,breaking a sweat as if on question time or something.i felt like I needed a fucking phone a friend option. My friend was like 'don't put her on the spot! Hehe' , as I just sat there like some illiter8 red neck.

I felt it was time to then spend my Saturday studying the 60s, 70s and 80s so I cud be prepared 4 anything in life. It's hard when ur blessed with short term memory and dyslexia #pray4annz. I then recited the dates to my parents as if in a spelling bee. I think they are worried about my mental health.

Any way,



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