Week Thru Textz

I don't have much to talk about tbh. I am either updating my Snapchat mystory or stalking Kylie Jenner on Instagram. Sometimes I like to go on a walk. ;)

Here are some of the texts I have been sent this week. I have cropped out the people's names. Maybe you can guess who they are! HEHE!  Enjoy !

a text from a secret admirer.. y ppl playing hard 2 get?!

anutha fan ..x email me next time lol 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *(&%$ !!! <

Brrr izit cold in ere?? Nar it's just me!! lol ! x

every little elps

u know dem texts u get from dat speshul 1? well look no further.. . :) x

banta banta!! plz drink beer not fanta!! she wore a yell0  ribbon n dat

no fux given in my world..x

Guns n pork

Always falin 4 da bad bois ..xx

2 waved to remember this breh..lol fuk x

2 chill 4 my old dam gd!!!!

call me mrs robinson. #cougar

'never never never giv up'


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