SOUTH : trendy or whut

The word 'gentrification' has been tossed around in practically every article at the moment. Shit like 'SOUTH is the new EAST' and 'Peckham is so trendy'. The word trendy is so five years ago, on the same line as 'snog' and the phrase 'bog off'. Shout outs to Tracey Beaker for those great sayings.


Any way, the whole concept of 'young creatives' or maybe 'thirsty trend luvers' packing up from probably Chiswick or Shepherds  Bush to South London because it's emerging is bullshit. Yes, I can say the nightlife in South is pretty great; Corsica and Bussey being my only hot spotz, but living is a lot different than spending a night in Elephant and Castle.

NGL, moving to Camberwell I thought I'd feel more badass and probably look more alt. However, waking up and everyday being surrounded by chicken shops, a women claiming her baby has just died and she needs money for 'gas' and 'electricity' aka crack and heroin isn't so 'hip'. This may seem snobby, but whatever.

For me, there is a constant feeling of 'gloominess.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's good if you're with a awesum group of people in Camberwell living there, but for people who are probably 50+ dealing with a mid life crisis, or dudes who wear BOY London, writing articles about how fucking hip South London is, really DOESN'T make it hip at all. Like 'omg da culture is so organic n raw'... please. Ealing might as well be a culture hub since you practically live in Poland if you live there. T
   he thing is, the people who aren't art students in South are probably laughing at us all like 'who r u?', because for them, they're living in that area because they grew up there, not because they thought it was the IT thing to do.

Arguments such as 'Dalston is over' and 'the style in East is was more try hard than South' is slightly laughable. In Camberwell/New Cross it's fair enough less 'I own a lookbook' but more 'I'm vegan and this top was made by my Boyfriend's Mum who does pottery n shit lol!!'. So, I guess, it's all as pretentious as eachother.

South is cool, living there has its ups n downs, but people really need to stop writing about how cool it is, because then it will turn into Camden or Brick Lane; full of tourists, Rokit's, and chihuahuas.



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