lyf in photobooth

When I'm not modelling for storm, hustlin or gettin male attention I sometimes take pictures of myself. Here u go.
so happy wite now i cud skream!!!!

me in past lyf

unleashin my inner tiger. rawr ;)

siamese twins lol!!!!! and cocaine hehe
tbt to when I was a dyke
squat rave wid da boi dem..x
oops!!!! u cawt me puttin on sum lip tint!
found sum1 who loves me da way i am..x
jus took sum lsd n this is how i feel
thumbs up if u lyk my
starin contest with dis here red x
kiss mE uNda Da MistlEtOe
jus went 2 l.A and met an unknown artist called Tyler dA Kreata!!!!


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