I'm with the band : Part 1

 So I went on a date with this guy a lot older than me. I found out he worked for a record label so I thought this boosted my image. I find some older people quite boring as they take themselves too seriously. We arranged a second date and my friend Ophelia came too, lolz, as I thought he was with friends.

He wasn't. 

I'm dressed 2 kill : pyjama bottoms and a blue tshirt. Not gonna lie I was anxious that this would make me look too sexy or slutty but yolo. He bought us drinks and I started to get drunk, making jokes that sounded good in my head. He didn't really laugh which pissed me off- I mean, mood killer or what? He was in a white turtle neck and looked a bit like a turtle himself; extremely timid and calm. He had previously told me he was 'intimidated by me.' Jesus, man the fuck up yo. I went outside to smoke with O and I remember him saying his friend knew Harry Styles. Obv I was going to subtly bring this up. I go in screaming Best Song Ever (smooth), and asked him if he saw the One Direction film. Then I casually progressed to ask if he knew Hazz, and he said no. The emotions I felt were intense: devastated, weak, betrayed...heartbroken. At the point I was tempted to leave.
Here's Swim Deep. Da 1 to the left is da 1 who was dere.

O leaves and I'm left with him, too drunk to know what I'm really doing. He says he's meeting his friend from Swim Deep (one of my favourite bandz) and his best friend from Spector. Knowing I'm obsessed with them he told me to act as if I didn't know who they were. Da fuk? Anyone who knows me knows I'm an aspiring roadie. We get there and I've forgotten my I,D. It's some sleazy looking bar in Shoreditch. The bodyguard asks me when my birthday is and I say January 26th 1997. This would make me 16. I didn't know how to redeem this situation : going home crying or singing jamie foxx's 'blame it on the alcohol' seemed like tempting options. We finally get in and both the guys from bands are sitting there. The irony here is I've met them both when I've got shit signed by them. 

The Swim Deep guy was in a red velvet tshirt and had peroxide blonde hair cut in a bob. I've actually fancied him for a while. AWKS. He was so funny, and I definitely felt sum connectionz. LOL. He mentioned being on tour. At this point I threw my drink down in shock and said 'omg ur in a band?!'. He said he was in Swim Deep and I was all 'I think I've heard of you,,yeah sick.'Then I met more of his friends. They asked me how art school is and I said 'lol good but most people have those lame ass top knots on'. I thought this statement was blunt/edgy. I looked opposite me and one of his matez at the table was wearing a top knot. 'Nah like I ment..dose top knots with pink and purple in them. Never change I love your HAiR!!!!!' 

We then shared a fish bowl and I went to the toilet and had a panic attack.

I haven't seen any of these people again. XOXO


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