ju$t dance


This week has been pretty weird. I ate brunch two days In a row which is cool. Going to brunch makes me feel wurth it; like maybe I don't live in south, maybe I drive a Porsche in Knightsbridge. Ya know? Like getting that fresh OJ just hits you and you feel really sick. Lol.

m88 dis drop is live!!!!!!
A lot of people have been recently hating on my dance moves, and this makes me livid. I've got comments such as 'ur rigid' 'ur weird' or 'u must be trippin let's get you some water'. Sick. I don't really get how people can go out, listen to gr8 music and not get up. I've reached the point where I dance alone and i think I look good. The reality is most people think the dougie mixed with the robot doesn't look cool at all. But skrew the h8rs. My friend and I have made up a dance move where you run and leap in the air , like a ballet style thing. I recently met a he/she as in I couldn't establish what gender this person was. Man/woman claimed to be a professional dancer, starring in Katy Perry's teenage dream video. I swear they didn't even have dancers. I then said I was in 'Blurred Lines', 'da chick in the lingerie behind my boi Pharrell' therefore we needed a dance off. 'It' looked threatened, and I could see a look of poison in their eyes like 'dis bitch can't out dance me.' As soon I got up there and started, they laughed and said 'I thort u were being serious.' I got really upset and calmed down in the toilet. 

 The people who don't dance either really can't dance for shit or still care about what otherz think. So they stand there making awks small talk with Each other and probably snigger at me gettin low. Instead of living they are being spectators /commentators which sux. I feel bad for you. :(
i dnt c nuffink wrong... wid a lil bump n grind !!!cute
Next time you go out dance lyk nObOdY iS wAtChiN. 'Just d@nce'- lady Gaga


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