2 flirt or not 2 flirt

Since I go on loads of dates now ( bby cries ) , I have had some time to reflect on my mannerisms.
Unfortunately, I have come to the startling revelation that I can't flirt. Maybe this is why some people think I'm a dyke. Sowwi that I don't twiddle my hair guyz!

A couple of years ago my friend tried to help me socialise with guys. She initiated a kind of role play, which I took a bit too seriously; counting myself into the 'scene', as if I was on Hollyoaks or something. Now looking at it, it seems slightly disturbing, but at the time this exercise seemed thrillin and *#^ new *^%^. She pretended to be a kind of lad, saying something like 'you're looking fit today' (keep in mind I had at this point in my life, side burns and hair like Peter Pan.) I kind of seized up and sad something like 'really?!?!?!'. My poor friend said she needed the toilet and never returned. Awks.
x...da look of luv..x
 Nowadays, my technique is just to be quite rude. I don't know why, but it just happens. For example 'u look interesting today', followed by a disgusted look on my face is a classic annzdog pick up line. In my mind it sounds like flanta (flirty banta), but when the guy either starts crying or ignoring me I clock I've been to harsh. A good ten minutes later I'll 'redeem' the situation with a 'only jking dude you look gorjus'.  I called a guy bro the other day and he seemed offended I called him that, so said 'bro'?. Again thinking I'd be 'playful', I replied 'o fuk, ur clearly not my bro because if we were related you'd be better looking.' He didn't reply. I assured myself he was probably jerking off at how much that line screamed 'cum get me'.

Most girls give those tips like 'subtly touch da boy I.e when he's telling a joke and it's funni.'. That's not my style, I mean it's just awkward.

The shit that really sickens me is the whole year 6 sext thing, where the boy is like 'tell me wht u wud do to me if u were here now ;)'. LOL. Sweeet.

In  a fucked up warped way I guess being nice means I'm not into it and being mean says I am. Yolo.

'I was born dis way'- Lady Gaga

Anna fuggin Dog xxxxxxx


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