HI. I don't think any of you have to been to a good party without me there. 4real. ;)

Last weekend I went to my dog's birthday party, here's what happened.

It was advertised as cake n cocktails, that cute shit. So I'm thinking maybe a casual Mojito or WKD (banter)....HOWEVER, we get there and there's some dude behind a bar. #cosmopolitan.

He starts of with 'How do YOU all know Hannah', as if he's some long lost friend of hers. Then after an awkward silence proceeds with 'I've been all over the world, you know, dis job, really has perks.'

Damn son, good on you. 'Where've you travelled?'

'All ova LDN: Waterloo, New Cross, Ealing.' To poor 'Pascha's' dismay, silence fell again. :( Pray4pascha

I assume our drinks were spiked because after one cocktail we were pissed. The Mojito left me pretty dry, so I told him I wanted a cocktail numba 2. He looked cockily and said  he KNEW which drink I wanted. I crossed the boundaries and sent him a 'telepathic picture' of the cocktail I wanted. Which was, by the way, a passhunfruit one.

Adrenaline is pumping, palms are sweating, aw8ing this godforsaken drink.

I turn with a grin and all hope is lost. Pascha was ded to me. He had given me a Mojito. ---

I got a bit carried away with my trap music and start skanking with a brownie in my mouth to Flosstradamus and Bauuer. We then got out the disco litez (shit got REAL). We roll played being centipedes to Skrillex's Centipede (hehehehehehe).

All of a sudden, Pascha appears, despite being told to leave like 3 hours before. I shot him a couple death stares, unable to let his Mojito go. He screamed to turn off Knife Party, as he had 'seen them before.' aka Used a knife and fork during dinner with some house music in the background. lols.
He plugs in his phone, getting up some song off youtube that was apparently 'his jam'.

It starts as some sort of hotel lobby music (fukkkkkkk), then at the drop some dude shouts 'OH YEAH.'  TUNE M8. tune. The ground kind of shakes and all we see is Pascha dropped low and jumping in the air. His head literally touched the ceiling. We all went back outside.

As the clok struck midnight (yow) we got dismissed by Hannah (LOl jk, by Pascha, who at  this point was 4 hours passed his stay).



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