Sup. I haven't been on here in a while because I've been busy gettin dat $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and shit.

1.) The snow is overrated. Seriously, let's get over it. It's cute to look at from inside if you're in an idyllic cottage, but let's face it- we aren't. TBH it's just an excuse for those PDA couples to post pictures of them getting off on facebook with captions like 'me n my baby in the snow-- naywwhh cuuuuhte'.

2.) Straight hair is da one. I've started blow drying my hair, and I feel like less of a dyke.

3.) JONAS MEKAS. Yeah go to his exhibition at THE SERPENTINE. It reduced me to tears/shivers down my spine/that arty pretentious garbAGE. Just go. He does videos/photography that are awesome.

4.) GIRLS. Yeah to get my kicks I've been watching 'Girls' illegally online. It's about 4 20 somethings year old Girls (obv) lolol, who are finding their way through the brutal and asshole consumed werld of NEW YORK. If you're into watching overweight people having sex, weirdly attractive lanky guys and feminism- go watch it.

5.) IT'S MY BURTHDAY ON SATURDAY--- FINNA POP DEM BOTTLES. $$. But seriously contemplating deactivating my Facebook on that day so if I get like three wallposts it won't crush my <3>


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