Hey world, I just wanna give my official 'over' list, so y'all can stay in fashion.

1.) OFWGKTA. Yes, I was obsessed with them, but they are like- so over babes! It's all about A$AP (ish) and Vinny Chase. And Owl City.

2.) Dip Dye or 'Ombre'. This was acceptable about a year or so ago. It's getting really old. Especially when it's really damaged and ginger with blonde.

3.) TUMBLR. My friend's had a tumblr and it was cool because they posted pictures of hot gurlz and cupcakes and cute dogs. Seriously though, all tumblrs I see have the following
: Skins quotes, Young Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, and two girls fucking or something. Despite some of these sitez being addictive to look at, it's so repetitive and mind numbingly boring. LEZ BRING BAK BEBO.

4.) GOING OUT AT NIGHT. I mean, it's cold and dark so let's all just sit around drinking hot chocolate pretending we're at a club. Kl. CBA 2 leave the front door. And it's so much more alt staying in.

5.) SNAP BACKZ/5 PANELZ. I found that like 'sk8r bwoi' shit hot a couple months ago but it's so cliche and immature now. Guyz plz wear some suits or leather jackets or light jeans or neon shorts. :") OMG AND OBEY IS WELL AND TRULY OVER EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.


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