Summer Sleaze

Maybe I'm just completely str8 edge/snobby but I feel sick looking at these 'piss up 2k12' pictures. Partially this is my emotional sickness- envying da groop of palz as I don't even have that many facebook friends.

Seriously though, these 'lash-up' holidays leave me feelin cold. I could only go to somewhere like 'Shagaluf' (lolz) if I was a 18 year old male virgin who was secretly gay and was desperate to be 'onna da ladz!!!'. It's not the idea of getting 'fuked up' that doesn't appeal to me, it's' the shit hole of a club that these people seem to wind up at. Bless them they put on a slutty outfit and obv try hard to look good (fair enough) but when I see the creatures at these clubs I think -why? Some greasy burnt local dude called 'Rolada espanol chiminida-loga' is tagged, with painfully noticable sweat patches. Mmm baby shake that! He'll comment something like 'u 4 gals pretty looked that nite. Dreamin of u. Gorjus.' Um, ew?

If I'm gonna let my 'air down and get crunk on hols I'll do it somewhere like Ios where the surroundings are stunning and the men don't seem bad either. I'll also keep pictures of myself w a ciggi up my nose and tampon hangin out my crotch coz i was s00000000 gone for my wall in my room, rather than facebook.

Saying this, I will probs be in some sleaze island next year, licking shots of a cripple.

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