17 July 2012


I'm really into this song. 'Errors' are a kickass band from Glasgow BTW. If you like shit with good beats that your foot can't stop tapping to, look no further guyz! Oh, and the video is pretty rad too- it's really futuristic including a Mac computer (trippY). The song kind of makes me feel like running around the streets with my Mac wearing glitter paint. You may feel me when you listen. Or maybe I'm jus' outta my mind.

follow them at : www.twitter.com/weareerrors


BEST COAST @ Shepherds Bush

I forgot to say that I went to Best Coast a couple months ago at Shepherds Bush Empire. They were off tha chain!

I was drooling @ Spectrals and Fear of  Men , the amazing support bandz.

My friend and I really wuved Fear of Men, so I'm gonna hit up a link to show my support or whatevz.


Summer - let down or whut?

So seemingly summer was the time to 'YOLO', 'gt totalli fucked!!' or just get out of London.
This summer none of this has really happened for me.

Today, for example I went into Harrods, pretending I'm NOT poor and am sophisticated, to only rip a dress from Gucci. Awks. I had to pretend I was buying it and then hide it.

I went on a mini break with my best pal and we almost hijacked a boat because we got fed up with not being 'YOLO' enough. Are we sad? W/E. Now I sit here, googling 'chugs' and 'puggles', hoping that lyf will get better.

Oh, and I went to Claires for the 5th time this week only to get a fake tattoo kit called 'peace n luv'. **((Spr3ad da lurvvv st0p war))** . I used some Vitamin water on the tube to apply it, and then bbmed 'TATTOO FINALLY DONE!!!!!" with some crusty photo of the poor dolphin with two stars on it. Sadly, not even that crazy/badass status got anyone interested enough in it. H8 me but also LUV me.