The best feeling ever is just changing yer covers and just sinking into them. That's me right now! Hehehe, ain't I sweet? Currently I'm in bed braiding my hair. Yawnin.

Recently I haven't been able 2 stop eating. Really need 2 cut down and go to the gym more. I feel like a sloth.

I also talk 2 much most of the time. Ill talk about shit I find LOL/awks/interesting, and I get so into it I become to sweat and become almost out of breath. Every1 kind of doesn't care about what am I saying, so when they try and speak I swiftly interject them with 'jus 1 more fing..'. Their eyes droop and bodie's shrug. Fml

Y can't I be a rapper or a poet?

Maybe I am

Gossip gal xo xo
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