Hi! So I haven't been blogging or whatever due to exams and shit. But I'm back wurld. Da bitch Iz back! (Lolz).

So today I went to my cousin's bday. I come in in my pyjamas and with my naturally stunning face (no makeup) only to be showered with compliments.

'Anna have u got chikenpox?' My little cousin asks.

'Um, no.....'

'Cos u have red dots on ur face.'

So I guess my 'acne' is getting rapidly better then..awks. The whole time I was going red whilst bullshitting about my future and art. Everyone looked at me as if they were confused by my thoughts. W/e bbz. I'm kinda shy at these things.
Shit, am I actually intimidated by my 9year old cousin's m8s?

There was also cake that was nice. Some moist chocolate sponge. Mm. I was startled, as there was play dough as the icing. I think I noticed this AFTER eating two slices. Now facin the consequences w some toilet aktion.


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