So, I've been obsessed with 'OFWGKTA' for some time now. Ok, I may not know ALL their songs but swaggin' down to school blasting 'F666 THE POLICE' is close enough 4 me. I also went as Tyler The Creator for Halloween. SNM bbz.

A week ago, Domo Genesis tweeted about weed or something so I replied. I (kinda as a joke, thinking nothing would come ov it) tweeted my number. All of a sudden I get an unknown call. OMG. It was Domo. So long story short we planned to meet him in Shepherds Bush, but we were in PJS (it was like midnight, BADASS), so we're frantically hurrying to get into some decent clothes. Didn't work- we looked a mess. So we're running for the bus, he's DMing us like 'hurry up'. The buses aren't coming. Again I'm really rushing this story. They're staying at the K-WEST hotel, and as we're late they tell us to not bother coming. F DAT. We still come. We're passing Shepherds Bush about to get out the bus, and by some MIRACLE we see Domo and some others. We run and it's Hodgy, we talk to him off a side road, and then Jasper and Domo come. They seem tired. Domo doesn't speak. We're in a st8 of shock but trying to play it cool. Hodgy, my lovah, invites us back to the van to 'get high and drunk.' Awkx since I'm anti drugs and panic attack. Lolz. Jasp + Domz go to get some Rum or Gin or some shit. We're talking to Hodgy and Olivia is putting on this whole ' I h8 ur music, I don't give a shit' attitude cos they like that. Me on the other hand, is being my usual self. 'I feel like DANCING.' Hodgy replies 'We don't dance. We just get wasted.' Lolz. gr8. I looked like some anxious puppy who has ADHD. Kinda killed my 'cool' 'edgy' image. Left brain comes trotting over reeking of weed. He says he likes my jumper. w00p. Odd Taco literally runs over, says something, then dissapears. HAHAHAAHAHAHAH. Then we all go back to the van, first nearly getting hit by a car. No joke on the road to the K-WEST, I see Jasper pissing on a car, them throwing cones about. I'm like SHIT MAYN THIS IZ CRAY. I muttered as if I was a rebel 'ehehehe we should burn da bush, cos we're in Shepherds Bush.' Olivia, trying to still play the badass card says 'fuck this let's just go.' Left Brain apologizes for 'scaring us' and we go onto the van. It's huge and has like dark blue lights and leather seats. And bunkbeds! :"") I went to step outside but couldn't open the door so poor Domo had to help me. I stand there hyperventilating, like 'IS THIS 4REAL????????AHHHHHHHHHHH!'. The joke that the one time I'm meeting them I look like the dogs diorrhea. They put on James Bond and I try and make conversation. Gay shit like 'I'm a rapper' (half joking) 'I'm half American', 'I mayk OF t-shirts.' You turn and Olivia is like 'I hate ur music.' Hodgy said to her 'I like you. YOU don't give a fuck.' Then you see me like sweating, a nervous wreck, constantly asking them when they're gonna hot box, because when they do, I'll need to step outside. At around 1:30, we kinda just walked out the van. I don't know why. We regret it. But TBH we had school. Probably the most surreal/cool night of my life.

RAH RAH RAH, yeah so there was more but this is so long. We have videos which I'll put up on youtube. Lolz Olivia took them 'subtly.'
If you wanna know more, comment and I'll holler!!



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