All of a sudden, I have pretty much given up with boyz. I find myself just not seeing the point. I mean, why do I need a boyfriend? For them to tell me I look good with 'sweat pantz hair tied chillin with no make-up on'? Yeah, actually, maybe. For real though, the dream of having a boyf and walking on the beach would in real life be taking my friend's dog to McDonalds pretending he's a human. This would be our first d8! (cute). We'd then politely be asked to leave by the staff, as animals aren't allowed in. Charlie (the dog) would put his middle paw up at da staff (I love bad boyz).

This 'IDGAF BOUT BOIZ' attitude has lead to a fashion miracle/disaster. I've now started sleeping in pj bottoms (obv), then waking up and wearing them out, with high socks and Doc Martens. I then put on green lipstick, keep the rest of my stunning face bare, and sweep my hair up with a scrunchie. I've  had comments like 'u look lyk an avatar' or 'what happened to ur face', but I brush it off. Coz' guess what? THEY JUST JEALZ- H8RZ STEP TO THE BACK.

OH I also occasionally put those fake bindies on. Whatever it looks alt so I ain't complaining. And I wear fake tattoos that are peeling off.

It's liber8ing though. Today I wore a GAP hoodie, and the PJ bottoms are GAP so I thought I looked like a GAP model. I was shaking my hipz and catwalking down the street, when I bend down to tie my laces up, and I see Tarzan. My legs look like a French girl's armpit. F DAT.


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