U know life has reached the limit when you're lying in bed reading "Tips on how to get guys via text." Funnily enough, I had broken all the 'rules'. I guess I will stay single/celib8 all my life. Whatever, I'll roll wid it. Yesterday I saw the David Hockney exhibition. Was soooo good. AMAZING. I feel super inspired and I don't know- I felt really happy seeing the art. The canvases are HUGE, so intensity levelz are LARGE. This really sweet Portugese girl in my class was taking mounds of pictures on her new camera for her portfolio, as it was 'essential because the teacher wanted them asap'. I'm scrollin' down the pictures, see some GROTESQUE picture of me and go to delete but it's in Portugese so cutting to the chase....I end up deleting ALL her pictures. By accident, but still. The real joke was me sweating, trying to put her at ease saying we could retrieve the photos. "There were videos of my boyfriend living in Portugal..and some really cute ones of my sister." Oh GOD! Being a moron/clumsy SUX. The duration of today I sat downing herbal tea, sobbing in the toilets, talking about the menstrual cycle and needing 2 go to the toilet. I think it's all the tea/water I'm drinking.



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