People are so uptight nowadays. Literally, If you say 'I need to do a sh*&' (I'm trying 2 not swear on this blog) people start doing that whole year 7 'teeheeheee' chuckle as if you're trying to get an audience going. X-CUSE ME? I'm just telling it str8 up.

'We didn't need to KNOW THT MUCH!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!'. Right, so me naturally stating I need to excrete is really THAT offensive to you bbz?

It's not as if I'm saying 'Oh my christ, basix I just had some chicken for lunch and I can feel it sliding down my buttox, I need to relieve myself from this slippery sensation (oo alliteration, can I get some r8-ings?).

Do people really have to start referring to it as 'DA 'P' WURD? P meaning 'poo', 'poop','poopy' poo-poo'-- whatever you wanna call it.

Real talk, sit down, shut up and take real life in. Y-0-L-0 BABi


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