KONY 2012, yes or no?

So, some girl in my class came into the room and told us all to google 'Kony'. I was completely baffled, thinking it was 'Coney (Island)'. She explained that Kony has been making this army out of children, forcing them to kill their parents. To make things even more disgusting, the girls are forced to be sold as sex slaves.

'Invisible Children' released the video on the 5th of March, and since then it's got some ridiculous amount of hits- like 38 million or something. I watched it last night and felt kind of luke warm about the whole thing. The american dude in the video had the most irritating voice, and made a bloody montage out of this video, slow motioning the African kids, which looked cool, but it got to a point where it was like- this AIN'T a rock' n roll video babes. The joke for me is when he got his son, who looked like something out The Brady Brunch, and told him for the first time about Kony. 'What do you think about this?' 'It's saaaaad', retorted the son, looking as if he'd been fed these lines.

'It's kids like my son who are abducted.' Mmm yeah m8 privileged kids who have been spoilt all their lives are really alike Jacob (the child who stars in the video). They are really fighting for their lives everyday...not #awks.

It was supposed to be about Jacob, and kids like him, who fear being killed everyday. What I took from it, is that it was more about HIM, and his fake ray bans he was wearing. He even topped off the 'alt' factor by playing Mumford And Sons at the end, making it seem more almost, superficial? If that makes sense.

Vice did a REALLY really interesting piece, showing hidden faults with the actual charity.


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