I've been thinking recently, a lot. And I've strongly come to conclusion that I am a hypocrite.

'OMG that gurl ova there is soooooooo hipsta, lols!!!!! check out her doc martens' I mutter smugly to my friend. I look down, and I see MY doc martens, my nose ring, and charity shop clothes. Awkward. My general excuse for this is that 'I look more swag then they do. I don't look like a douche.' I guess this is also true. (LOLZ). Or 'omgz she needs to stop dying her hair brite colorz i mean cum on!' when behind tha scenes I'm looking on tumblrs tabbing the girls with bright green hair.

Seriously though, to an extent so many of us are hypocrites. People write comments on fb like 'this is indie, har har', yet they have a fashion blog, a tattoo saying 'Everything's broken' and a boyfriend who works at Rokit. Slightly ironic? I can hardly talk, but come ON.

I think part of the reason I get so critical of other yung, hip, relevant people (dn't h8) is because I'm jealous of them.

Let's face it, if we saw a fat fourteen year old boy in too tight corduroy trousers, a 'I (hart) NY' hoodie and glasses on, we wouldn't LOLZ in his face. We'd probably pity the poor cupcake. Maybe utter an 'awwwwwwwwwwwww.' When we feel threatened or jealz, that's when we are the first ones to insult.



  1. OMG I SO GET YOU! finally some1 speax sens3!

  2. No you take the piss out of people because you're insecure and it makes you feel better about yourself lol face it. If you were happy with yourself you wouldn't have such a superiority complex.


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