Falling In Love

You know how people who have boyfz generally put their name on bbm with some lame love heart? For example : G3M: (loveheart) Alexxxxx babyyy (loveheart).

Well I do it too. Except with my friend's dog, Charlie. I guess what is so alluring about him is he isn't into me, he plays it really hard to get. He's also homosexual, which is really edgy in todays society. The other day he starting licking my thigh. Player or what? I mean, he's totally f****** w ma feelingz. "Charlie, I know we're having a fling, but we're not exclusive yet'. All of a sudden Olivia walks in and looks disturbed. Whateva I guess she's just jelz. for me, developing a crush didn't consist of sending a flirty bbm 'u look well gawjus in ur blackberrymessenger picci!!', but instead was filled with endless trips to the pet shop stocking up on chewable bones and squeaky toyz. without these essential productz u don't stand a chance amongtz caninez.

It's really, what's the word...thrilling because he's a TOTAL bad boy/thug. We'll be walking down the block and out of nowhere he'll start savaging a cat and I'm all ':O' 'daymn'. To quote my gd m8 Olly Murs 'he makes mi hart skip skip a beat.'

our 'bantah' is totally hilarious/cheeky. when i do a fart whilst dining at their house i blame it on him and he getz told off and sent out of the dining room!!! lolz kinda flirty am-irite??!!

Is this what luv is supposed to feel lyk?? (i think it iz)


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