Sandy, Can't U See?

It's been an emotional week. Last night Oli and I plucked out our black heads, and ate pasta. We also watched Grease. I warned her it made me really weepy, and standardly two minutes into the film I was dancing and then crying my eyes out. It was a bit of a bipolar moshpit TBH. We'd encourage each other to cry, like when the ending came when they all are "we'll always, be togethaaaAh', I'd come out with "what if when we are older we'll never see each other??". Da tearz started again. *wOoooo party*

Today we went to Chiswick and all put on accents for da thrill ov it!! Ehheehehehehe. Hewey put on a mexican accent but took it too far and kept it the whole day. #awks. We were in this alt record shop and Olivia asked for 'earl sweatshirt', as I head my head down looking at the Cds. All of a sudden I hear 'Do U happen 2 know where Tylor de Creatore Is?'. God bless Hewey thinking he is a budding actor persisting with the accent even in the SHOP. Bloody 'ell.

On the bus home we sat on the top deck (crazy). Olz and I had headphones in and I thought I was really LOL because I said "ok, this song I'm about to play is sum wicked new rap artist hold tyt'. Expecting some mad Odd Future style rap, Oli sat there w8ing, but to her shock "grease is da word is da word have u heard?" Started blaring into her earz instead! Hehehheh I'm sucha prankster.

God bless
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