Poetic shit or whatever

As I'm laying in my bed, under my duvet, my eyes are wild. They are wild yet gentle. Gentle with an eternal longing. A longing making every hair on my spine stand on edge. A longing that makes me feel something I find hard to describe.

Dark clear sky, giant purple damp, right up near my flesh. This was the world. Well, the world that I never wished to escape. I looked out onto the distant orange and flickering silver, merging into one hazy existence. They seemed so far out, so serene, similar in appearance to a shooting star. The colours melted into my eyes, seeped into my mouth, making me feel pure. I never wanted to be dirtied with the truths of day again. As I lay here, holding on to this moment ever dream like I thought, how can I be here? Here in a place so false and unjust. A place filled with smog. Reality should be erased. All i want to do is be intoxicated with that dark beauty again. Become one with that night. However sadly, I can't.
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