I'm currently pumping 'Hopelessly Devoted' on youtube, post Valentines bluez. #onlyGodCanJudgeMe

Tonight is the Project X screening, which I'm pretty hyped about. Will give an honest review of it. Fingerz crossed there will be free popcorn! Lolz.

Since our best friend/soul m8 Lucy has gone skiing, Olivia and I have lost da plot a little bit. We have made up we're in a mental home, and when we tell jokes we say 'Joke time at the institute.' You can make up your mind if this is funny or slightly sick/twisted.

Today my Dad kicked me out the house (Skins themetune playz), because I lied about going to some appointment. I totally 'pwned' the argument, parring him back when he bluntly remarked 'U will neva be employed or go to uni'. WOOO thanks Dad wuv U too <3

I stormed off and walked around the local park, scowling at the local dogs and OAPS, listening to Earl Sweatshirt. FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK M8888888.


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