Hey y'all. So I'm having a 'pity parT' as I have a splittin headache, a hacking cough and chapped/bleeding lips.

I'm practically on the tube with children pointing at me like 'mummi, y has dat gurl got blood on her face'. Feeling like fucking Edward Cullen I check my mirror and have blood gushing out my lips. MMMMM KISSABLE XOXO COVERGURL. Vaseline has stopped working on me. #LOSINGBATTLE

What's up with it being -4 degrees outside and it not snowing? I feel like I'm doing a strenuous workout walking down the street because it hurts 2 walk in the freezing cold. ***criez, buried in da snow****.

Today I wore a Tyler The Creator/Cee lo green/Snoop inspired outfit... Picture it : Bright green Abercrombie and Fitch trackies (I-CATCHING OR WOT?), Fresh kix (reebok hiking bootz) and hair in a bun. To add a kinda, hipster element I wore a chunky ring. So, since I was looking so fucking swag, it came as a surprise when a herd of school boiz starting sniggering at me. LUCKILY I WAS PUMPING 'TALKIN' DA HARDEST BY GIGGS' ON MY BB. they b h8ing on ma swag.



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