So, truth be told, the only thing I knew about 'S.C.U.M' was that the lead singer is Peaches Geldof's baby daddy. I only went to this gig to hear Big Deal. They are so good.

Anyway, we arrive, and I'm thankful as unlike venues in Dalston, this one is near my house. There are small groups of the standard teenz you'd expect to be here: denim jackets, small red beany hats, and blonde bleached hair. I felt like 'fuckin da system' and wore a Brasil football t-shirt. #Alt. This club music kept coming on as everyone was anticipating the bands, so instead of sitting there looking depressed, we started doing the robot. It even reached the peak of doing a dance routine. People tried to avoid eye contact, or would laugh at us. I just shot daggers at them, feeling really intimid8ing and badass.
Big Deal came on and I was surprised that the crowd was not full. I was obviously front row, and knew all the lyrics. I felt like I was bloody serenading the lead singer. She looked effortlessly cool in some baggy black tshirt with a choker necklace on. Envious :( They played 'Homework', 'Talk', 'Cool Like Kurt' and some other songs. Since I'm a super fan I desperately wanted them to play more. Tears were almost pouring out my eyes. Any time my m8s would start to talk during the set, I got violent. Dat showed dem! #4REALDOE

All of a sudden, the crowd got HUGE. I turn around, and see a flash of peroxide and anorexia. WHO COULD IT BE? None otha than Peaches Geldof! OMG BABES!! SO COOL!!! We kept taking pictures of 'eachother' when we were conveniently infront of her. Cheeky.

Right, so S.C.U.M came on. Thomas Cohen (the singer) looked liked one of those environmental enthusiasts, who hands out leaflets on the road, maybe having a crazy dreadlock in his hair. He was wearing FLARED trousers, barefoot. Don't play the 'I'm natural, one with the stage' shit on us Tommy.

Their music sounded all the same. I enjoyed climbing practically on the stage, taking pictures of the poor guitarists crotch and brogues. The lights were slightly surreal. The stage would be pitch black and all of a sudden there'd be some strobe light, illuminating my oily face and crusty nose ring. MM baby. Fuck that. Pink, blue, purple lights on off, on off 24/7. I literally felt like I was on acid. 'Thanks guys, this is our last song', said Cohen and accidentally my friends shouted 'THANK GOD', 'IT'S ABOUT TIME'. Guess that rules us out for being BFFs 4 eva with Peaches. :"( I LOVE THEIR SONG 'WHITECHAPEL' HOWEVER. IT ROX!!
Afterwards, I was walking around the bar aimlessly and one of the annoying girls with the beany hat trotz up to me. Bloody hell, what now m8? 'Sam and Will from Gross Magic say hi,'. And then she walked off, into the distance. DA FUK?



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