Hey guyz, how's it hangin'?

Recently I've had a funny weekend. The highlight for me was stepping out of my house, seeing vomit and thinking 'fuk, FINALLY, my ends are badass'. That dream got crushed when I found out my friend had seen a fox vomiting, guess he had a wild nite out at 'TIGER TIGER' heeheeh geddit cos they R both animalz? Lols. To top that off I also trod in the fox's shit, and it went all over my boot.

After each sentence my m8z and I have been including the words: legit, vibes, word, dope, to sound 'cooler', more 'street', and mostly, more like our homedawg TYLY DA CREATOR <3

I thought I was really badass because at this party I asked this guy to put on something 'hardcore', i.e 'Yonkers'. So we basically had a mini 'i know da lyrics/rap battle, which failed as I filled the words with 'bababadadaad, bababda golf wang.' #fail

IF u eva want to belong to my pack of wolves/pugs, you need to rock out to this and worship it. #NEWTUNES2K12


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