This weekend I went to a party, but wanna die because there are no pictures of me so I can't prove to people that I went out. #sadtimez. It was fun, apart from the fact I couldn't get drunk, and I found out people were on MDmA which made me wanna kall ma friend Frank and sob. teheheh wow that was a sad, sad joke. Any ways, I ended up rapping and 'skanking' to 'Yonkers' throwing my pony tail in the 'ayre like I just didn't 'cayre. It was gross because I was so sweaty. And I was watching people get with each other, like some pervert, in awe, like a 5 year old watching his Dad shave. I then got people talking to me saying 'I'm guessing you don't know anyone here." (awks cos I did.) 'ehehehe, urm, I do, I'm just socially awkward', I replied. #umAWKS

The next day I go on facebook and I HATE FACEBOOK. I mean, what da fux up with the new 'banner' crap, it all makes it almost impossible for you to stalk. Then I went to my room, put on Wavves and jerked off thinking about Rick Edwards. Not my usual type, but I don't know.



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