Rose Boy and Friends

So, I had heard about this whole Rose Boy documentary or whatever and since Billie JD made it, I was interested, since I'm only used to hearing her on JOTS or slagging off some unknown indie band.
They follow around some quintessential gay teenager, 'Harvii', who was pictured giving Megan Fox a rose.. hence the name 'Rose Boy.' TBH I don't really get the big deal about this picture, I mean chill the f out. He seems completely besotted with this world of celebrities, getting a kick that most teens do from tossing their boyf off, by getting a snap with Chace Crawford, or SJP. To be fair, I quite admire him, as it takes dedication to locate these celebz etc. My heart went out for him as I could emphathise with his obsessions (I was in luv with the Jonas Bros).

The real LOL was the guy who moved to London just to fulfill his dream of meeting The Spice Girls.

So, all in all it was pretty good. Lacked a little depth though, thought it could of been more freaky, as some people go through way larger measures/extremes for the world of celebrities.


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