Could this be the new Supreme? The new Obey? The two brands that have been selling flat caps like h0t cakez due to the fact Tyly and his crew rock them....

NOW OFWGTKA HAVE THEIR OWN FASHION LINE 'Golfwang Holiday 1991'. "TOTES SWAG DUDE". Sadly, it's only being sold in LA, but I'm sure you can order it online! (I know I'll be swahgging some itemz out) LOLZ.

CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT>>>> http://golfwang.com/page1.html

On the topic of Tyler The Creator and fashion, it PISSES me off how all these private school boys put up pictures of them on FB wearing Obey Hats, Obey Jumpers, with the caption 'donz 2k10' like they're taking the piss. However they're not. They ACTUALLY think they are out of ODD FUTURE. Someone genuinely 'swag' like me, on the other hand, can work that shit.



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