Jingle Bellz

Hey y'all!

Today was a lazy weekend, making a change from my usual wild/'ardcore partying. I went to my auntie's vintage shop and bought some gRoovy jewellery and a cool dress. These super cool gold Doccy Ms were being sold too!

Im also feeling 'swag' 'kl' h0t' as I'm starting a new trend.... *drwumroll plz*
TRACKIES AND MARY JANE DOC MARTENS. Yep. See me on the rough streets of West London reppin my Abercrombie's and hipster shoes.

OH, in terms of X-MAS, I watched 'Jack Frost' with my Mom. Possibly the worst film in history. Basics, the Dad dies and comes back as a snowman. My mom humoured me with twisted comments such as 'he's a sad jerk even as a snowman', in the scene where the Dad (brought back as a snowman) is helping his son win a snowball fight. Yes, the christmas spirit is bouncing off da wallz!

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