1.) If, like me, you think you're 'ard check this song out. Don't be afraid 2 start saying 'jhhheeeeeeze' on the streets. <3

2.) You wanna party and impress your friends with a 'cool, alt, mellowed yet dancey song', this is da 1 for you. Get da spliffs out, get your vibes on. Lolz

3.) I'm not a MASSIVE Coldplay fan, but let's not lie this is both catchy and memorable. So turn UR music up, get UR records on...(fail). Plus Chris Martin has got some seriously big guns now. Let go and put some rock n roll signs when you're getting crunk to this song. #moshpit

4.) This song is goose bump inducing. If I had a boyf (Fuk my life), I'd love to drive round the city at night to this song. Yeah they do that in the music video too, which is pretty off da hook.

5.) Effortlessly sexy, funky, dancey, flowy, hair-swishy. That's all.

6.) If you're obsessed with me, or stalk me (Aka da whole wurld), a fun fact is that I listen to this everyday. I love this song. There R no flaws. One of the best songs of 2011.


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