Ketamines Interview

I caught up with the amazing band The Ketamines, who produce kick ass psychedelic rock music. Soon I discovered, despite a song named 'Line By Line' and their quite blunt band name, they do not in fact do drugs.

So regarding the band name, are you obsessed with taking Ketamine, or..?

I don't think any member of The Ketamines is obsessed with taking a specific type of drug. I'm not completely sure if any of The Ketamines even take drugs. But if they have or do, I bet ketamine is one.

Most every alternative band I come across solely rely on drugs to write their music. Does this apply to you? If not, do you lose some
respect for those artists who can't write a decent song without snorting coke?

Whatever inspires one to be creative is obviously a key factor to making great music, art ect... If that is drugs or not, is going to be unique to the individual. Although, through the times it seems drugs have been quite popular in making music, we don't personally advocate their use. I don't feel drugs are necessary for me to produce music.

What's the song writing process like? Is their one member of the band that writes most the stuff?

Paul and myself write all the songs. Most of the time Paul comes up with the lyrics and I make the music.

Describe what a normal day is for you and the band.

Really average stuff that is so normal it doesn't deserve any mention.

If you had go on tour with any band, who would it be?

Touring kind of sucks for the most part, and so when we go out we like to go with our pals, so bands like Fist City, Korean Gut, Red Mass, Dirty Beaches, Needles//Pins, Shrapnelles, The Famines, Soft Option. Any of those bands would help make touring a little less terrible

Do you have any wordz of wisdom for aspiring bands/musicians?

Try not to think about how many bands are out there trying to do the same thing, and exploit the fun factor, whatever that may be.



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