Breaking Dawn- DA REVIEW

Breaking Dawn left me totally dry, bland 'meh', confused, worried, sick.

Being in the cinema watching it was automatically LOLZ though because all the tweens were frantically clapping when Taylor Lautz came onto the screen. I cringed, but, gave in and gave a cheeki applause too.

Basic outlook:

- Bella's anorexia is disturbing. If jutting bones make you feel nauseas, be warned.

- The sheer un-Twilightness of their honeymoon to Brazil, where Rpatz and B awkwardly like, grind in the middle of a festival made me feel physically ill/unnerved.

- Taylor's m8, (a quillet) is fucking h@wt shit. Like hey-ll. I'm into quillets so maybe it's just me.

- Bring a mask/coat to cover your eyes at the scene where Bellz gives birth. Was gross.


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