29 November 2011

New hair

25 November 2011


I am gonna be starting interview the public/my friends. I have been starting this project for a while, so KEEP AWN THIS BLOG Y'ALL COS THINGZ ARE ABOUT TO GET SCANDALOUS!



How to be socially awkward

I am a professional at naturally being socially 'unacceptable'. Here's a quick guide to milk your awks-ness to the full potential at parties (mostsly)! ENJOY

1.) Laugh at your jokes

Yes, that's right, even if nobody is laughing (which is common), you laugh at yourself and mutter 'I find MYSELF funny, guys,'. Jokes also should be poor- 'what did da brokoli say 2 da carrot'? 'stop STALKing me!!!!!!! teehehehehe'. People will feel uncomfortable/physically sick, and probably disperse or start sweating.

2.) Toilet training @ Parties

Whilst at a party, don't talk to people. Socializing is sooo ten yearz ago babes. Enter the room, go bright red, ask someone where the loo is, and sit there for a while. Go back downstairs, down some vodkah, and go back to the toilet. If I were you I'd do a nice shit, which can be one of the most joyous, pleasurable things in life I find. #realtalk. Come out the toilet and shout 'aw fuk yeah whoeva did that shit in da twalet IS TERRIBLE!!! HEHEHE'.

3.) Ipod change

Espesh if the party is mostly filled with 'hardkore i wuv dubstep' shits or 'let's do the air guitar seriously, dancing to morrissey' type of people this is PERFECT. Whilst they are jamming out to music, change the music. NO, don't change it to a good song, change it to my personal fave 'She's So Lovely' by Scouting For Girls. ROK IT UP

4.) Bully

Chose a victim and hurl abuse at them. When they're on the toilet, kick the door down. Yes, you need to cause M@YH3M, RI0TZ, FIR3. 'M8 m8 yh this absolute fux been chatttin shit bout ur mum innit', is the key line you need to spill to everyone at the party. TRY not to get physically abusive people.


20 November 2011

Breaking Dawn- DA REVIEW

Breaking Dawn left me totally dry, bland 'meh', confused, worried, sick.

Being in the cinema watching it was automatically LOLZ though because all the tweens were frantically clapping when Taylor Lautz came onto the screen. I cringed, but, gave in and gave a cheeki applause too.

Basic outlook:

- Bella's anorexia is disturbing. If jutting bones make you feel nauseas, be warned.

- The sheer un-Twilightness of their honeymoon to Brazil, where Rpatz and B awkwardly like, grind in the middle of a festival made me feel physically ill/unnerved.

- Taylor's m8, (a quillet) is fucking h@wt shit. Like hey-ll. I'm into quillets so maybe it's just me.

- Bring a mask/coat to cover your eyes at the scene where Bellz gives birth. Was gross.


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19 November 2011

Ketamines Interview

I caught up with the amazing band The Ketamines, who produce kick ass psychedelic rock music. Soon I discovered, despite a song named 'Line By Line' and their quite blunt band name, they do not in fact do drugs.

So regarding the band name, are you obsessed with taking Ketamine, or..?

I don't think any member of The Ketamines is obsessed with taking a specific type of drug. I'm not completely sure if any of The Ketamines even take drugs. But if they have or do, I bet ketamine is one.

Most every alternative band I come across solely rely on drugs to write their music. Does this apply to you? If not, do you lose some
respect for those artists who can't write a decent song without snorting coke?

Whatever inspires one to be creative is obviously a key factor to making great music, art ect... If that is drugs or not, is going to be unique to the individual. Although, through the times it seems drugs have been quite popular in making music, we don't personally advocate their use. I don't feel drugs are necessary for me to produce music.

What's the song writing process like? Is their one member of the band that writes most the stuff?

Paul and myself write all the songs. Most of the time Paul comes up with the lyrics and I make the music.

Describe what a normal day is for you and the band.

Really average stuff that is so normal it doesn't deserve any mention.

If you had go on tour with any band, who would it be?

Touring kind of sucks for the most part, and so when we go out we like to go with our pals, so bands like Fist City, Korean Gut, Red Mass, Dirty Beaches, Needles//Pins, Shrapnelles, The Famines, Soft Option. Any of those bands would help make touring a little less terrible

Do you have any wordz of wisdom for aspiring bands/musicians?

Try not to think about how many bands are out there trying to do the same thing, and exploit the fun factor, whatever that may be.


18 November 2011


1.) If, like me, you think you're 'ard check this song out. Don't be afraid 2 start saying 'jhhheeeeeeze' on the streets. <3

2.) You wanna party and impress your friends with a 'cool, alt, mellowed yet dancey song', this is da 1 for you. Get da spliffs out, get your vibes on. Lolz

3.) I'm not a MASSIVE Coldplay fan, but let's not lie this is both catchy and memorable. So turn UR music up, get UR records on...(fail). Plus Chris Martin has got some seriously big guns now. Let go and put some rock n roll signs when you're getting crunk to this song. #moshpit

4.) This song is goose bump inducing. If I had a boyf (Fuk my life), I'd love to drive round the city at night to this song. Yeah they do that in the music video too, which is pretty off da hook.

5.) Effortlessly sexy, funky, dancey, flowy, hair-swishy. That's all.

6.) If you're obsessed with me, or stalk me (Aka da whole wurld), a fun fact is that I listen to this everyday. I love this song. There R no flaws. One of the best songs of 2011.

15 November 2011

Dawg eat Dawg wurld

Dalston Superstars- Episode 1

Again, I thought this was real. I thought this due to the fact that these people dress like this in real life. I know this bcoz I FB stalked them obvz. ##AWKS

Love the oscar nominated cameo from O Children dude, Tobias. <3

14 November 2011

Amanda Knox never looked so SXC

Check it OUT. -http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/foxy-knoxy-free-at-last-0000044-v18n11

What do you think about Amanda Knox? I watched a program on BBC5 about the case, and there was something very unsettling about her. Her fam described her a 'quirky', rather than 'kind-hearted or perhaps 'a decent human being'. Plus her story changed round about ten times...seems pretty suspicious 2 me dontcha think?

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9 November 2011

Never been SNOG(ged)

I h8 the yogurt. Tastes like nail varnish but toppings=yum

Don't go back 2 Rockville

Hi, I'm rocking my SW t-shirt today. I love this cold weather, just snugglin' by the fire (LOL jkz don't have one), hot chocolate, and not shaving your legs! Result. I've done loads of Francis Bacon/Tracey Emin annotation today so can't look at any more paintings :(((((( So pissed that I can't go to loads of gigs this month. I've resorted to pretending I'm a drug dealer so the bands potentially 'hang' with me after their showz. Ill obv rock in with a sandwich bag full of icing sugar, all "here's ur meow meow bb".


7 November 2011

I don't wanna be what they want me to B

So, my weekend has been seriously busy! I know, what a shocker..

On Friday I went to a 'gathering', 'intimate house parT', whatever you wanna call it. Despite having about three panic attacks due to the fact I was around drugs (I h8 them) it was was fun. Only complaint, (although I AM a huge fan of indie/rock music), was the excessive amount of that genre played on da dancefloor. I rebelled several times changing the song to 'Missy Elliot- Work it' and some dubstep. lolz. Saturday I went to a BFFZ birthday dinner thing at this place none of us had been before-- 'Grace', a club/restaurant in central London. Bad jokes were made that evening such as 'Don't you look GWACEful tonight bbz'. HAHAHAHAHHAAHH I laughed. So, GUYZ NEVER GO THERE. We roll in, and there's some bouncer with no front teeth at the door asking for our I.DS, although we were only eating. GR8. We finally enter after coaxing the asshole to let us in. Drunk men in suits were hanging out, jigging to the jumping Enrique and Pitbull pumping out the speakers. All of us wandered through the 'club' and entered the dining area, which was practically empty. Basix, we wanted to surprise the birthday gal with a cake and candle (you get me). Nina whispers to some ginger waitress, telling her to make sure to put a candle in a cake. Two of our chums go out for a cheeky cancer stick and this wannabe Adrian Brody waiter with a put on Italian accent throws some brownie at Sonia. No candle. No sparkler. Nothing but a brownie. -_________-. "Where's the candle", we said as Sonia laughed at how standard/heart-breaking this situation was. "Uhmm, oh, I sorry, here"-- and all of a sudden a tea light is placed near the brownie, lighting up the apparent strand of hair on the bowl. Yum. Happy Birthday, lolz jkz.

5 November 2011

Siberia: Krokodil Tears

Krokodil is a lethal drug widely used in Siberia due to it's accessibility and convenience. Made up of codeine, iodene and red phosphorus, it is scarily easy to get the ingredients from the local pharmacy. Most people who take this drug die. Body parts start to rot. A young teen says "That's why they call it Krokodil, because you skin looks like a crocodile." Vice also explores 'rehabs' aka cults for heroine users and talks to families effected.

Around Siberia, seringes were scattered like chocolate bar rappers and the sense of hope is scarce. This documentary is equally moving as it is eye opening.


h0t flush

Everywhere I go, I go randomly red. I am starting menopause early y'all.


3 November 2011

ur luv

photo trash of what's been apnin recently <3 (Iraq photos with fire are my Mom's, I just edited them) hehe

2 November 2011


My friend Ella and I thought it would be cool, as we're studying 'Invisible Theatre' to shock people and dress up in wigs and masks around Knightsbridge. Our teacher got some footage on his iphone by pretending to be a passer byer just casually on his phone. It was hilarious. Two people actually collided into each other because they were staring at us. Sadly we didn't get a lot of the good bits on video. The security guards outside Gucci and all those designer shops were looking at us as if we were terrorists. Louis Vuitton's ones made the "I'm watching you", signal.. lolz aren't we so controversial?