Unknown Mortal Orchestra- HoneyBee
This song is only 1:13, and at first it does not seem that complex, or that fulfilling to be honest. The next couple of listens it becomes incredibly familiar because of it's length, and repetition of beats. All of these features put you into a sort of mellowed trance, yet the infectious guitar rifts give it a lift back to reality. Just as its reaching its climax, HoneyBee almost abruptly ends, and you're left wanting more.

The Horrors- Best Thing I Never Had (Beyonce Cover)
This is tragic. Firstly, the lead singer sounds completely drunk.. and secondly only on rare occasions do I like covers. If I didn't know who The Horrors were, from this cover I'd think they were a struggling unknown band playing small seedy clubs, thinking they are putting an 'edgy' spin on Beyonce, when really, they should leave this song down to the professional. Two thumbs majorly down.

Blood Orange "Champagne Coast"
I'm really, really loving Blood Orange at the moment. He's an absolute genius, as he creates a sensual, musky, and funky vibe to most of his songs. Here his voice is so soft, but then the line 'come to my bedroom', sung in a stronger tone, repeated over and over adds that oomph that makes the song properly come together. This is a fantastic song that I'd definitely listen to it several times over again! Sutpin Boulevard and Bad Girls are also terrific tracks. (CHECK THEM OUT)


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