Halloween Blues

So, right now I think I'm rocking the 'rainbow scarf' look. It's gonna trend, don't wozza guyz.

Also, I'm officially the most socially awkward being, evz. I can only discuss my friend's dog, my lack of friends, how I'm Simon from Inbetweeners.. and my hobbies (facebook stalking). ONE DAY I will be famous, cool, h0t, rich, so holler at me then.

Junior Apprentice, or 'Young Apprentice', as it's now called, is so LOL. My personal fave is Muhammed, the seemingly crippled young 'satellite seller'. "Nuh, laike Sir Alahn, I pwomise, I waz well manured, I came up wiv da pirite idea, waz all mine, yh". What a joker. I especially love his persuasive techniques to get the Essex lot to buy ice cream, (doing some gun shot movement, and shouting "Oi sir plz by ice cweam good price yh"). A true professional at work innit.

Despite being a complete social buttahfly, I don't really have anything insane planned for Halloween this weekend. Am toying with the idea of making my BBM/Facebook status "Off to Berlin this weekend, so unable 2 attend parteez, fanx 4 all da invites anywayz." You can probably find me realistically pushing past and potentially breaking small children's legs to fight for the candy.. yes I WILL be trick or treating. Last year the re-occurring phrase was "Aren't you a little old to be trick or treating?", at which I replied "U kno whut yh? Imma tip this whole fuckin candy bowl ova **child startz cwyin** and see how u lyk dat old man."

Lolz Jkz I started to well up and ran home to comfort of my mother.

Don't h8 the player, h8 the game.


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