Hey, so I thought it would be nice to throw some love at the blogs I actually read or whatever. Some of them I don't really 'like', I just simply find them enthralling.

- This gal is funny. Her posts make you LOL and are well written, PLUS she has really a fun/bangin sense of style. Loads of her posts include really amazing links to online shops which I've become big fans of. OH, and she posts these pictures of her nails which make me so jealz. :"(

- Ok, I sometimes go on this website to laugh at the try-hard punk factor of these three BFFz. HOWEVER, looking at pix of them half naked, hanging out in super short shorts, living this somewhat hedonistic life style becomes addictive. For them, dying their hair and getting tattoos is a really 'cajj' thing. I do love their clothes as well. And their hair. They need some meat on dere bonez though NGL.

- Sometimes I find it hard to get my head round what possesses the blogger Karley Sciortino to have a slave, and pee on people. I mean, I'm open minded and weird, but it comes to a point where I'm like 'Wah da fux'. Giving her credit, her stories are really descriptive and honest, and INTERESTING. She hangs with people like Dev Hynes, she writes for Vice and takes drugs, but she actually seems non "I'm so alt and edgy, play those vinyls while I snort some MDMA m8". I like her. I wish she was ma big sis, in a twisted way. Plus she's curvy so.. yeah. Bonus POiNt$


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